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Personalized Feed

This solutions can be used when you want to personalized the user feed when they log into your website or open the home page or search for some products etc.

There are two endpoints here that you can use at different sections of the page

1. Users/recommend

POST /v1/users/recommend can be used to personalize the user feed such as the home page or some other general pages.

users/recommend endpoint understands user behavior such as browse history, purchase history, favorites/wishlist, time spent in your application and returns the most suitable items for them as a response.

The details of required parameters and a sample request body for this can be found here.

You can find sample code for implementation here.

2. users/search/recommend

This endpoint understands user search history and returns the most suggested items for them as response. You can use this endpoint on user feed, top page, personalized suggestions, as a widget etc.

You could also use this response to send users emails about recommended products based on their search history.

Request path:

POST /v1/users/search/recommend
To implement this solution, you can find the description of the required parameters and an example request body here. You can find sample codes for implementation here.