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Personalized search engine

Item Search endpoint generates personalized search results tailored for each user in your application.

It considers user behavior, current trends, and returns searched results.

This endpoint takes several parameters to generate customized search results.

To implement this solution, please use the endpoint /v1/items/search. The required parameters and an example request body can be found here.

You can find sample code for this implementation here.

Please note

  • category : User can search the items using category field using the value that you have mapped in the environment setup (mapper creation) with the "category" key.
  • flag : If you have any boolean values in your dataset and set as flag in mapper settings you can pass those values to filter the items using flag field.
  • sort : In sort field you have to pass columns that doesn't contain text field. You couldn't pass title, second_title, third_title, fourth_title, description as the column name.