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Account and Project creation

Account and Project creation

Account creation

Go to Click on Get started on the top right, and create an account.


If you already have an account, skip this step by simply logging in.

Project creation

After logging in, from this screen find the solutions you want for your application and click on the Preview button.

Then find and click on the button Create a project.

Fill in the necessary details on the screen


  • Project name: can be anything, recommended to use something easier to track later.

  • Language: can be english or Japanese based on the website content (catalog information)

  • Subscription type: Should be “Paid” if it is meant to be used on production. Please note the type “Trial” does not have all the functionalities and has limited capabilities only.

  • Enabled solutions: Select the solutions you want to use.

Next, you will see the below screen. Fill in the details to proceed.

Note that these values help us to decide how much resource we should allocate initially for the project, and give an accurate estimate of the cost/month. However, based on the traffic on your website, our system will automatically adjust the resource optimally.

Please put your best guess here at this stage.

Project create screenshot

In the following confirmation page, check the details and click save if everything is okay.

In the projects page, now you can see the project you just created. However it will show Pending state in the status column, waiting for approval on Gigalogy side.

You can also click and go into the project detail and see the status at the bottom of the page in “Subscription Status”

Once the project is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and the status will change to “Running”.